Poop & bathroom concerns.

Green Stool

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Listen to your stool make contact with water the next time you take a dump? Examine the stool's color, texture, and shape. Monitor your bowel movement regularity, comfort level, and abnormalities.

It may seem odd to pay attention to details about pooping and bathroom related talk since it is considered to be an inapprpriate table conversation subject by many... The truth is, examining one's stool color, shape, and texture after defecating may seem odd, but it's actually a pretty smart thing to do. It allows for individuals to take proactive measures in monitoring certain aspects of their diet, health, and symptoms of oncoming diseases.

Next time you try pooping, listen to it land. Do you hear it "splash" or "splash"? Chances are you have some form of constipation.

What about the color? If it's black or red, it's important to contact your doctor because you might be experiencing internal bleeding.

Is the texture and shape normal? If not, it can signal symptoms of poor diet or disease.

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